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I was lucky to have a friend that worked at the NY office of Disney, in publicity. He sent me two tickets to see WATCHER at a an advanced preview at the Ziegfeld theater. Only the press attended this screening. After the screening Lynn-Holly Johnson on on stage to answer questions...

It seemed on woman of the press didn't understand the ending of the film and she made a synde remark about the children in the film who did. Lynn-Holly preceded to describe an ending which wasn't shown. Her press agent covered the mic, whispered in her ear, Lynn-Holly went the the mic and said, "But you didn't see that ending." The film was instantly given bad reviews, throwing Disney into a tail spin and recalled the film. Over the next year Disney tried various ways to come up with an ending for the film. Finally, 1 million dollars later the new ending was released, limited, then the film went to home video. It took 20 years for me to get a closer version on home video closer to what I saw at the preview. Still, it was 20 min. shorter with originally made endings only as bonus materials. In that 20 year time I had also become friends with the film's originator and Co-Producer, Tom Leetch. In those years that passed Mr. Leetch passed away and I did the Anchor Bay project in his name. What follows below are re-published articles I did for the Anchor Bay release; as well as newer piece explaining what I went through uncovering the alternate versions of the film, and the people I dealt with. It was hard and, trying, and down right frustrating. I still hope for a resolution, a re-release and restoration for Blu-ray.

For now, enter the woods, read through the details, and know the mystery behind THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS.

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