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chuck  hodi


Interview by Scott Michael Bosco


     I happened to bump into Mr. Hodi's work on INSTAGRAM and was instantly amazed.  The images presented were incredibly detailed and, most of all, accurate.  Somehow he totally captured his model in every way making them remarkable representations.  Some of his endeavors are so clear and precise they are more akin to photographs than works of art.  Because so much of his work is film related I felt impressed to ask for an interview and share what I had found in hope it would bring even more admirers his way. 

SB - At what age did you start your artistic endeavors?

CH - I've always doodled as a child, not a lot or anything, just as much as your average kid. You know, coloring books, school projects, the usual.  My senior year of high school, I took art as an elective. I started hanging out with these two guys that drew weird shit and listened to dark music,
it inspired me! So it's safe to say that my artistic endeavors started at the age of 16. 


SMB - What was your first medium?

CH - Graphite on drawing paper.

SMB - What other mediums do like working with?

CH - I like working with ink and graphite, or ink and pastels on mixed media paper.  Once in a while I drew on printed out backgrounds, that was interesting, but since I feel more comfortable drawing my own backgrounds, I've just been sticking with that. I can't paint worth shit, I'm a drawer.


SMB - Did you have one person that inspired you, or shaped your style?

CH - Not really, most of my inspiration comes from dark pop culture. Oh wait, actually some of my portraits were inspired from Basil Gogos.


SMB - Yes!  His work is incredible - I can see a bit of your styles merging - really great.  Are you a FAMOUS MONSTERS fan?  It was THE magazine for me when I was growing up.  What are some of your monster favs?


CH - Indeed! He was the first portrait artist, if not the only to really push the colors. His work blew me away!  Who isn't a FAMOUS MONSTERS fan!?! Far as personal favorites go, anything Vincent Price!

SMB - Is there a preference for you in terms of what size you like to work with?

CH - I mostly work in 8x10" size, usually no larger than 11x14". But recently I've been getting back into framed mini portraits, they're super fun and affordable.

SMB - I see you do a lot “movie” based works – have a favorite?

CH  - My personal favorite are either the Bladerunner Series or Fight Club Series that I've done.


SMB - What was your most challenging subject?

CH - Well, as you can see most of my portraits are from the shoulder up, there's a reason for that...
It's very challenging for me to draw any lower, sometimes I can do it, but it all depends on the subject. Reason being is, I usually like to work with only one focal point in a piece, if you have a whole scene
going on, man... it screws me up, I can't do it, and if I do, it's total torture.


SMB - So then body partition and skeletal form isn't a favorite of yours?

CH - I used to really enjoy drawing that stuff and I love that genre, but portraits are currently more satisfying to me.

SMB - Under commission you also do pets…  what was your most unusual request?

CH - I love doing pet portraits! I love animals, probably more than humans. The satisfaction I get knowing how important these portraits are to their owners, is simply indescribable.
Pet portraits are seriously special!
Unusual request? Pertaining to pets? Or other stuff? Because I've been asked to draw some pretty jacked up shit that I've

SMB - What's the timeline when a order begins?


CH - I usually complete a commissioned portrait 7-10 days after payment.  I don't know how other artists are, but I don't like to bullshit, I start working right away.


SMB - Were you, or are, employed to produce work – for company?

CH - I'm a self employed artist that currently works 15-20 hours a week.
I'm almost 40 years old and live with my mommy. Actually, she's widowed and needs my help, and I need a place to stay for $400 a month.

SMB - Yes, I understand completely - I too took care of my mom who was also widowed - extremely commendable, you have my blessing.


CH - Thanks so much! I appreciate the support. I'm still very grateful for everything I have and consider myself lucky.

SMB - Have you dabbled in other mediums – such as 3D mediums, sculpture?

CH - Hell no!

SMB - What subjects would you like to do more of?

CH - I'd really like to get more pet commissions. Honestly, I'd probably be fulfilled with having a steady flow of nothing but pet portraits.

SMB - I've seen you've done both cats and dogs … do you have a preference? Or one that you enjoy more?

CH - I do not have a preference, I love drawing both. It mainly depends on how crappy the blurry iPhone reference image is, ha ha!  However I get way more dog commissions than cats, out of 10 portraits, 2 of them are cats.


SMB - You have a wonderful eye and an exacting final representation of your known subjects – is there a facial feature that you start with first when producing your work?

CH - Thanks! I pretty much just draw what I see. The more wrinkles, hair, gnarly facial expressions, the better!

SMB - A past teacher of mine was extremely talented, and was a human Xerox machine - she was able to exactly reproduce her work, exactly.  It was incredible - can you do that?


CH - Funny you ask, I'm currently recreating a portrait for a customer, same exact style, although this one is larger.  But yeah, I can totally do that and have in the past. It's actually kind of fun, it never really turns out exactly the same.

SMB - What are some of your favorite works you’ve done?

CH - I did a portrait of "Serial Mom" that I really liked the outcome of.

SMB - ...and another?

CH - Ummm, which ever sells the most, haha!

SMB - Is your work done on paper or paper board.  Also, do you offer framing?

CH - My work's done on mixed media art paper. The framing is included in the price.

SMB - For commissions how can you be contacted, and what are your rates?

CH - Usually I get contacted through Etsy or Instagram @chuckhodi.
My rates for original portraits start at $75usd.

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