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I have been a writer/reviewer for over 35 years.  I was first printed when I was still in High School.  For years I worked getting my writing published.  I had to earn my skill by being correct in the information gathered, and presenting it so the publisher wouldn’t be insulted by mistakes given.

In the numerous reviews, both written and given on Youtube I have been amazed by lack of professionalism and intellect by those presented their opinions on THE FIRST OMEN.

Opinion aside facts play a part in anything presented.  It is simple, paying attention, giving examples and reference should be a priority.

There are three theatrical OMEN films.  In each film it is plainly mentioned that the character of Damien Thorn (The Antichrist) was born of a jackal.  His mother was a Jakal.  One character even states he witnessed the birth.  The term, “I was born of a jackal.”, is even used.

Let’s not even mention there’s suppose to a star, like the star of Bethlehem as well.

How when making a film, a prequel is this ignored?  Simple hire hacks to write it.  Three people are credited for this.  It took three people to mess this up.  Dumber that shit none even looked to the novel where the birth is written.  None of this is used for this new film.

The lack of care and true professionalism staggers the mind, but this what Hollywood as become.  Totally untalented people are in positions to create yet don’t even have the brains to look into what they are doing.

Apparently, those reviewing now are of the same caliber.  It’s called film history.  It’s called noting and realizing what has already been done.   I have not seen or read one review pointing out the major mistake in the FIRST OMEN. 

The story was completely mishandled by everyone concerned within the production of the film.

The story of the American nun going to Italy being caught up in sinister going ons within the Vatican is fine.  However they simply should have set the character up to being brought to an outdoor location refusing to being chosen to given birth to the Antichrist only to learn she was the chosen to be the birth mother, but the virgin sacrifice to the birth by a jackal.  The hooded figures gather around the jackal.  The camera rises shown many hooded figures as the theme (Ava Satani) begins.  Simple.  That is what is written in the novel.  That is what the original composer, Jerry Goldsmith represented when composing the main title score.  That is what the filmmakers of THE FIRST OMEN should have done.  But like most people in Hollywood today… they are simply HACKS.

Thank you         

Tim Smith

Arkasha Stevenson

Keith Thomas


Ben Jacoby


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