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Dark Arts Entertainment Teams With MVD to Launch Movie Distribution Company

Dark Arts Entertainment, the horror label from filmmakers Brian Yuzna and John Penney, is launching a  motion picture distribution company in North America in partnership with MVD Entertainment. 

Yuzna, an award-winning pioneer of genre and progressive FX work, has written, produced, and directed such films as Re-Animator, Society, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, and Necronomicon. His previous Fantastic Factory label was instrumental in the production of numerous award-winning films across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Penney, also an award-winning filmmaker, has showcased his talent in writing and directing projects such as Zyzzyx Road, starring Katherine Heigl and Tom Sizemore, and the supernatural thriller Hellgate, featuring William Hurt and Cary Elwes. Penney’s writing and producing credits include Return of The Living Dead 3, The Kindred, Amphibious 3D, and Contaminated Man. 

“We are always looking for emerging genre filmmakers with film that can be shaped for marketplace success,” Penney said. “This new partnership with MVD is the perfect fit for our expanding endeavor.”

Eric D. Wilkinson, director of acquisitions for MVD, added, “Having survived my youth on a steady diet of Brian’s and John’s films in the ’80s and ’90s during my countless trips to the video store, I cannot express my excitement enough to be working with two of the greatest legends of genre films. MVD is thrilled to be partnering with Dark Arts Entertainment and we look forward to bringing not only their carefully curated slate of new films to the market, but also some of their great cult classic catalog titles as well.”


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