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Conducted by Scott Michael Bosco 

March 24th, 2017

Roloween Interview -

     One day I had received a “like” on my Instagram post and it was from Roloween.  After receiving a “like” I always go to that person and look over their entire account and posts, choosing my own “likes” from their collection.  I was extremely surprised what I had found…  It seems Roloween is gifted and talented man who creates masks, busts, and other collectable items.  I was so taken by his creations I contacted him for an interview.  His name is Rolo Rivero, 40-year-old (Wolverine look-a-like) who has been in business for a while, and was extremely friendly. It is rare that this kind of talent is found, stamping his very own style into his creations.   His company is called ROLOWEEN – named after himself, and his favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN.

SMB - Let’ s start with you telling us about your company ?

RR - Well, Roloween studio is a company that is dedicated to the realization of latex masks, figures too real scale,  props and Scenography for TV, theaters and different thematic events in Argentina.  I’ve been doing this for about 20 years.  I would like to spread out - perhaps USA. American people like me , we are similar, we love Halloween, we are fans of horror movies, and science fiction . I would love to be part of any thematic events like Monsterpalooza, or work in USA; doing what I do here in Argentina - that would be a great for me. (… and for Roloween studio too hahaha.)

SMB - How long have you been in business?


RR - More than 15 years making masks, and characters creatures for different TV  programs in Argentina.

SMB - Have you work on any films ?

RR - I have not received any interesting proposals in Argentina yet. While I dedicate full time to the realization of the sculptures of Roloween studio, and sell my own products here - masks, props, full sizes, etc 

SMB -  When did you first start doing this?

RR - This dream started as a life project 20 years ago,  and still lasts with new projects.

Roloween Interview -
Roloween Interview -
Roloween Interview -

SMB - What kind of films would like to work on?

RR - Well I love horror movies. Since I was 4 years old I used to watch them with my mother and I always said it would be great to participate in one of them.

SMB - Who or what inspires you?

RR - I am inspired by many things.   My main objective is to overcome myself.  I like to surprise people day by day with each new sculpture, with each new project.  I love my work, and I think my work inspires me.

SMB - What are your favorite films?

RR - Well, as I said before I love horror movies - Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Star Wars, The Terminator, Batman.  My  list of movies is very wide, but I cannot deny Titanic, Tangled, etc.

SMB - What is your personal favorite medium to work with?

RR- I like to work in TV, in the theater, or here in the studio, I enjoy working in competitive environment. But with good vibes ( Buena onda )  I think it's very good

SMB - Have you ever worked in hydraulics?

RR - My work is based on making figures sculptures in clay and sometimes I make mechanical parts.

SMB – How about animatronics ?

RR - Yes, years ago I made some puppets of mechanical zombies with some eyes and mouth movements managed by a radio

SMB - Do you take special orders?

RR - Usually YES! …but sometimes people ask for things that are not interesting to me.

SMB - If people want to order from you how?

RR - Actually by   or at

Roloween Interview -

Rolo’s work can been seen at the two location above, and his is on Instagram as roloweenstudio

Check out what he has to offer.

Visit the Youtube Channel -


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